Sunday, March 27, 2011

lego star wars III

NOt a good game. actually have no idea why i would be reviewing this anyways but fuck it yah. so i think the draw of these games to begin with is to see your favorite child hood memories recreated in lego video game form. unfortunately this was the new animated clone wars series recreated in lego video game form. which is great if you are trying to recreate a child hood memory that only existed about a year ago... also fuck you lego star wars III what the hell you are fucking annoying. me and my associate played it for 4 and a half hours and then at that point I wanted to kill myself. but instead i got really drunk. fuck suicide by lego star wars III. in conclusion I say the lego video games are pretty good at creating a mind numbingly stupid recreations of what really are profoundly stupid child hood memories, but make sure game your playing correlates correctly to your specific child hood memories and not your child's child hood memories, that's no good.