Saturday, May 18, 2013

number 2 at 1259

what goes through the brain when you ramble on mind barely functioning words flowing out like sewage foul unrecognizable unintelligible. HaH i dont care. oh never mind i stopped paying attention train of thought dereailed. there waas something profound there in my brain and i got on here to share it. but it never came out instead i just typed along while returning to watching a movie. should i just keep typing anyways. do you even care. if I stopped typing. hard to say i gueess. i guess your probably not even there. you are nobody. maybe you r the best person to share my thoughts. a figment of networked imagination layed thoughts liquid dripping and nothing there. nothing. and i drift further my thoughts defocus a bralt fulcindunty. nothing original no longer the original thought capable of portraying originality origin and andd all this and what not are alright fucki smake it stop now. ooh would you like to know what im watching right now. well to bad fuck you... its a movie and ill never teell you whcinc one because then you would know what im gonna do next. Ohhh no not that dont be such a bummer. ewww no seriously well ok i did do that earlier and aaaaand soo good such good writing soooo fucking good thise wrigting fuckin a.