Monday, May 23, 2011

answering machine

hiii! you have reached Aron's answering machine. if you would like to leave a message do so after the beep. but maybe you're wondering why Aron didn't bother to answer your call in the first place. well maybe Aron doesn't think you appreciate him enough which is why he added a nifty option for you to donate money to him through his answering machine service. After you've left your totally awesome message and want to show him how much you truly appreciate him just dial star one for option one "yes I would like to enter my credit card number and donate Aron a small symbol of my appreciation" or if you are a little hesitant about what Aron might due if he were to have access to your credit card information you can dial star two for option two,"No I would not like to miss out on this awesome opportunity to give Aron money so go ahead and just charge me through a monthly billing plan attached to my non Canadian phone service"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a boy who drinks piss by the lake

his name is Tom and he drinks piss by the lake.
he has no friends only bullies.
Foul kids who laugh as they piss on Tom's face.
Tom may be gross, but his interests hurt none.
he's as a gentle a soul you could find.
the same can't be said of his sadistic friends.
who noticed a bulge in Tom's short little pants,
and proceeded to beat Tom to death.