Monday, April 19, 2010

tittle: Hellish Mundane

This show is part of a subjective investigation into authoritarian belief systems. Through forceful manipulation of the human form, insight in to the weakness inherent in cultural memes can be confronted. The project, which is known as Hellishmundane, is a living entity. It reacts to its environment but it lacks any cultural ties, or human emotions. For these reasons the Hellishmundane functions as an aesthetic sociopath or deus ex machina.

"However gratefully we may welcome an objective spirit-and is there anyone who has never been mortally sick of everything subjective and of his accursed ipsissimosity?-in the end we also have to learn caution against our gratitude and put a halt to the exaggerated manner in which the "unselfing" and depersonalization of the spirit is being celebrated nowadays as if it were the goal itself and redemption and transfiguration. This is particularly characteristic of the pessimist's school, which also has good reasons for according the highest honors to disinterested knowledge." Nietzsche


hellishmundane (not my real name) said...

wow. how many sticks did you have to shove up your ass before you wrote that pile of..

hellishmundane (not my real name) said...

none, i just thought about your face, bitch