Sunday, May 16, 2010

how to study for a contemporary art history final exam

i have spilled hot sauce over part of my keyboard. i cannot wash the keyboard off because i need it to study for my final, and the water would ruin the keyboard for at least a day. i have enough rubbing alcohol to clean it off immediately but i need the rubbing alcohol to clean some of the bloody wounds on the back of my right arm. Which leaves the only other option of licking hot sauce off my fingers after i type stuff. actually i like hot sauce a lot, so that really should have been option number one. In fact fuck studying im just gonna think of some stupid reason to type random crap so i have more excuses to lick hot sauce off my finger. hmmmmmmm wait a minute fuck licking the fingers i can just lick my keyboard vjovaojpbhvibbvuhfjnuhbfgnjuygjh bf jb jbn vbjnvbknk nj vvnk vn bnjkvb njbnijbnoi ji bnibn jio ijjjjjjjjjo bnojvkbnkbvnkbv jkobv vnkl ibjkl nj bkl

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