Monday, July 12, 2010

Quadruple Amputee Jesus Crucifix

I have to ask myself, why did i make Quadruple Amputee Jesus. I really don't know.
Well in to the production of him my grandma asked "who do you think would want to buy something like that?"
I don't think it would be Christians interested in the crucifix. If they had been i certainly fucked that option by signing each cross as a limited edition of 666. But it is not a satanic object either, it is an object of dubious religious affiliation. Maybe its just an atheist experiencing a nostalgic religious moment.
There are toys for disabled children that share their disabilities, but i can't see this cross comforting anyone who has no limbs, or maybe it could. the Jesus lacks limbs but he is still supporting himself as if he had them. that can also easily be interpreted as the suffering he is experiencing is forced on him by the limbs he lacks. though once again i think the edition number really fucks any redeeming characteristics.
I made it because if i saw it i would want it. In fact i will at some point hang one in my room. but there is no why. it just continues off the stream of oddities i produce for myself.

hmm... i think the hiatus idea was just a total failure

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