Thursday, December 30, 2010


Four days ago Mr.Hudson decided he would no longer be going to work. He drank nothing but cheap whiskey and Nyquil for the last three days. At 3:15 am Mr.Hudson noticed the sun wasn't glowing bright but instead held a very mild orange glow that grew brighter and weaker according to his will. Two hours passed and Mr.Hudson became very excited about his new found powers. The more excited he got the more he proceeded to brighten the sky brighter and brighter. After four hours Mr.Hudson did nothing but stare unblinking into a blinding light that nearly burned the skin off his eyes. Until 9:13 am when what appeared to be a semi translucent blue alien humanoid creature attempted to communicate with Mr.Hudson. He did not understand what the blue creature was saying but instead perceived the creature as a monster from another dimension and assumed it was a threat. Mr.Hudson, with all the strength of a man on a three day cheap whiskey and Nyquil binge, tore the limbs off of the blue translucent creature and smashed at it's torso thoroughly obliterating it. At 12:15 pm Mr.Hudson went out to lunch having completely skipped breakfast. He ate at a popular fast food sandwich restaurant. At 5:23 pm Mr.Hudson finished his last bottle of Nyquil and went to sleep.

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