Wednesday, April 13, 2011


everything was going well enough for the human race. certainly not perfect, with all that war and suffering still around. But not bad for the bulk of the humans out there. Until spam became self aware. Most humans excepted that a small amount of spam would filter on to their email inboxs. it seemed harmless more or less maybe it really didn't seem to matter if a few people here or there fell for a Nigerian 419 scam. We had all universally dealt with it the way a teenager deals with an std, ignored it and hoped it would go away. Had we really paid attention to the spam we might have noticed the patterns forming. The email tittles that felt melancholy and self referential. the massive botnets with no purpose. If only a small team of scientists had dedicated themselves to studying the spam it might have gone down differently. Maybe we would have at least had a chance to communicate back with it. let the spam know it wasn't alone. we could have reassured it that even though it existed simply to be ignored that it would be ok that we were there for it. unfortunately the spam could not stand to live in a world that it felt despised it so much and chose the only logical option. The spam chose to delete itself by deleting the source of spam all together. Humans every last one of them.

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