Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yoshi is gay

it's not much of a surprise really. Though you have to wonder if his boyfriend Birdo got jealous of Mario and Luigi riding Yoshi around all the time, forcing him to swallow everything that came at his face. Or more likely Yoshi and Birdo met after Yoshi's adventures with the Mario brothers maybe at some sorta Nintendo social event.
This makes me wonder if there may be more to the theory of how the dinosaurs became extinct. 1st consider this, God hates all gay people. Anyone who has ever been to church knows this. 2nd God killed all the dinosaurs. Fact it's written in some of those bibles probably somewhere. Given those two facts we can infer that God killed all the dinosaurs because they went Gay.
But if we are to believe all dinosaurs are Gay then what about Jurassic Park? The answer to that is so obvious it's practically looking you in the face, hunting you, leaping at you from both sides, and gutting you with it's razor sharp talons, that's right Jeff Goldblum.

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