Wednesday, January 5, 2011


movie idea: F.I.V.
in the year 2133AD android CD-4 falls in love with a common house cat named Mittens. The house cat can't reciprocate because it was neutered. CD-4 goes on an epic quest across time and space to find the key to cat testicular regeneration. CD-4 returns home successful and then Mittens and CD-4 totally bang, it's actually kinda gross. Sadly Mittens was just using CD-4 to get his testicles back because a gypsy told him that he would knock up a sexy Persian cat and that one of Mittens kittens would become the feline antichrist. What the gypsy failed to mention is that Mittens had kitty AIDS and that it would mutate in to a highly lethal Android Immunodeficiency Virus. CD-4 would be the first android to get the disease but it would spread it to thousands of others when CD-4 goes on a 3 year android orgy fuck fest in an attempt to drown its sorrows over Mittens. The android population is decimated by the disease. Humans are forced to take over android jobs and Coca Cola co stock drops 9 points in one day.

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