Monday, January 10, 2011


"Hi! I noticed you where traveling through me. And I thought I would wake you up and greet you."
"what the hell. I can't move. Who is that?"
"Oh yes sorry about that but your body is in something labeled cryotube. you are completely inanimate. But I did go ahead and restore consciousness to you."
"oh Fucking Christ this can't be happening. Did you tamper with the ship? What's the date displayed on the cryotube?"
"there is a number 42210."
"Shit. Ok I still have another 80 years in this tube. Can you put me back to sleep?"
"No. OOOh but I can slow down your ship so we can have more time to hang out! you could tell me all about where you came from and who you are."
"Don't do that. Look is there anyway you could send back a message to Earth. Tell them something went wrong on flight 283430 and to send an emergency space warp interceptor to"
"hold on. I'm sorry, I can't do any of that. well maybe with a lot more information I could, but you will be outside of me before I finish this sente..."
"finish what?... Hello... Hello..."

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