Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quantum Entanglement

Porn Movie Idea: Quantum Entanglement
A lady wearing a robe is home alone drinking beer. She orders a pizza with extra sausage. The pizza delivery man arrives, gives her the pizza, takes the money, and leaves. She sits the pizza box on a table.
The pizza box opens itself up to reveal that the pizza is in fact the pizza delivery man who states, "I exist in two places at once." He is naked and has an erection.
The lady in the robe asks,"Does that mean there is another one of you standing outside my house naked with a boner as well?"
Immediately the door opens to reveal the same naked pizza delivery man."Yes it does," he proclaims.
"Wow I always wanted to be fucked by two guys at once." The lady disrobes.
This starts the oral scene. While the lady switches back in forth between sucking both dicks the pizza delivery men both moan and react to the sucking identically.
The sound waves from the simultaneous moaning causes a space time anomaly which results in a third pizza delivery man who comes out of the box. He walks over to the door and lets the fourth pizza delivery man in. The two new men each take one of the lady's holes and start sucking.
"Now this is a little too much,"the lady laughs.
Right then four more of the same pizza delivery man can be seen walking up to the gang bang. And they all proceed to bang the living shit out of her.
The scene jarringly ends when the lady suddenly wakes up on the floor next to an open pizza box. Inside the box is nothing but a couple half eaten pizza crusts. The lady wipes some ranch dressing off her face and mumbles something about never eating an entire pizza by herself again.

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