Monday, March 15, 2010

bas jan ader

the second his shoe flies off you know this is way more brilliant then accidentally getting shot in the arm. Obviously i need to copy Joe Deutch here and get myself on top of the sculpture department building and take a face plant into the parking lot. I think the fall might be about the same height as in the video, though getting the shoe to fly off will take a good amount of practice with an activity that probably shouldn't be practiced at all.

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hellishmundane (not my real name) said...

oh but then you'll say bas jan ader is not teaching at CSULB so it doesn't count. well i say fuck you because bas jan ader is dead and i follow the beliefs laid out in the book 'Stranger in a Strange Land' and copied in Star Wars which implies that the dead just hang out as ghosts teaching us shit for some reason. Which is also why if i ever need to score some H i can just snap my fingers and Mr. Bezman will appear like a hologram and show me the way.