Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Performance Art - artnet Magazine

Performance Art - artnet Magazine
unfortunately i just read this. Unfortunate for whoever has to read incoming emails at artnet.
by Charlie Finch. Did he actually get paid to write that. I'm a BFA Sculpture student at CSULB and I will be graduating in May. Can I have Charlie Finch's job. That is to say if you actually pay him to write that. The article had more drivel in it then the Weekly World News. I think I can do better. Here's my writing Also, that video about Christina Pettersson by Nicole Davis, was incredibly good. Tell Davis to keep up the great work, it is much appreciated. "

now i play the waiting game. and with any luck soon i will be making the big bucks at artnet magazine.
Also, that video about Christina Pettersson really is quite nice, but there is no way to put a link to it. so, you will just have to take my word for it. or check out artnet's front page. or just not care because noone is actually reading this. Except of course for the poor schmo at artnet who has to read emails and is currently trying to figure out the quickest way to hunt me down, so as to brutally beat me with a garden hose for wasting precious artnet man hours. Aww dammit I should have asked for Nicole Davis' job as well. You never can be too thorough when job hunting.

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