Monday, March 29, 2010


is remembering fondly, everything horrible in your life, and reflected through a looking glass darkly. Or the prescription glasses' abject mundanity. A search for wisdom in the garbage of social masturbation
Dr. Benway then applied a large glob of vaseline to the computer screens' anus.
"why? you think you're going to get your fingers in it? the computer is a flat screen. It's only two inches deep."
Dr. Benway,"No, the screen is not blurry enough to read yet. Notice how all the letters are far to sharp and defined. They are harsh simulacra far removed from the vague flowing subjectivity of spoken language."
"Oh,"I then stuck two fingers into the computer screen myself. but only found the other side of my ear canals. The voice of a television commercial ripped my ears apart with vaseline covered clarity.

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