Friday, March 12, 2010

i know who im marrying in the afterlife

hopefully she will still except me even though satan will have transmogrified me into a two hundred foot apocalypse cow made of colorful plastic badgers as my eternal punishment. ha punishment. little does satan know. badger sperm is where unicorn fur comes from.

fuck. Ana really is the best isn't she. i think the only logical thing to do is all us other artist should all just agree to kill our selves because she wins dammit

come to think of it, if the singularity ever shows up then i guess i can always try to sample some of her dna off of whatever works of hers are saved at museums and then clone her. though i will need to find someone to raise her to adult hood because i aint gonna raise my own wife from a baby. that just brings a few to many issues that i dont need to start my marriage off with, along with the fact that her previous marriage did not work out so well. hmmmm maybe i should have set this post to private.

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